Leak Detection Services to Locate and Repair Water Leaks

Leak-Detection-Services-Tacoma-WAA leaky faucet can be annoying and can result in a lot of water being lost. However, it is obvious and therefore the least of your water leaking problems.

In the Tacoma, WA area, it is possible to lose water in many other places that are not so obvious and can lead to you ultimately excavating your house in order to find it.

At Langley Water, we are able to provide leak detection services that can save you that excavating cost and expedite your water line repair.

  • Residents can lose between 2,000 to 20,000 gallons of water through leaks
  • Leak detection services can help to save you money
  • Leak detection services can lead to accurate water line repair
  • Invisible water leaks are detected with leak detection services
  • Leak detection services can prevent excavating or lead to excavating in the right place

Trenchless Excavating to Preserve Your Landscaping

Excavating-Tacoma-WAA trenchless excavating process has several advantages for the homeowner. Our aim is to ensure that you are saved as much headache and expenses as possible following our leak detection services and a water line repair.

We have invested in the trenchless water line repair and replacement technology because we understand your need to save money in this tough economy and we want to build a trust relationship with the residents that we serve.

  • Trenchless excavating saves you both time and money
  • Your landscape is saved through trenchless excavating
  • Trenchless excavating helps preserve that tree, expensive new patio or gazebo
  • Trenchless excavating may be your best option for water line repair
  • Water line repair does not have to be a long term inconvenience

Water Line Repair for Sewer, Drain and Slab Leaks

Water-Line-Repair-Tacoma-WAWhatever the cause of the of your water leak, water line repair will be needed. Leak detection services will able to direct us to your sewer, drain or slab leak for water line repair.

Our staff of plumbers is well trained at providing both the leak detection services as well as the water line repair that you will need.

  • Leak detection services for sewer, drain or slab
  • Experts at water line repair for sewer, slab or drain
  • We help to prevent the consequent development of such things as black mold
  • We work with you to determine your best course of action
  • No hidden fees or expenses for your water line repair