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Contact us if you are in need of hydro excavation services. We can replace damaged pipes quickly and safely using hydro excavating techniques.


Leak Detection


If you are searching for a water leak detection service in the Tacoma, WA area, Langley Water may be the right choice for you.


Leak Repair


Our company is one of the best plumbing services providers in the area. Each of our customers receives the quality services they contacted...


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Our company provides high-quality trenchless excavating services in the area. We are one of the best trenchless pipe repair...


Water Leak Detection Services for Residential and Commercial Property

Water-Leak-Detection-Tacoma-WAA hidden water leak can be damaging to your residential or commercial property.

With our water leak detection services, we aim to help the residents and business people in the Tacoma, WA area to prevent these damages and the ensuing cost that they will have to face with the necessary leak repair.

The earlier the water leak detection is done, the less damage there will be and the quicker the leak repair can be accomplish.

  • Water leak detection saves you money
  • We offer some of the best water leak detection and leak repair services in the area
  • After water leak detection, we do trenchless excavating for hard to reach places
  • Without water leak detection you could be losing up to 20,000 gallons of water
  • Our plumbers are skilled in water leak detection techniques and equipment use

Leak Repair for Sewer Line, Water Pipe and Slab Leaks

Leak-Repair-Tacoma-WASlab leaks, sewer lines and water pipes are sometimes in hard to reach areas such as in the foundation of your house, within the walls of your residential or commercial building or underneath your yard.

We are able to complete effective leak repair even in these difficult areas. Our plumbers offer some of the best services in leak repair in the area to both homes and businesses.

  • Leak repair done as quickly and as efficiently as possible
  • Our plumbers will do as little damage as possible during your leak repair
  • The use of trenchless excavating to expedite the process of leak repair
  • We aim to leave you with as little inconvenience as possible following leak repair
  • Keep your landscape and basement intact following water leak detection

Trenchless Excavating Offers Many Benefits to the Property Owner

Trenchless-Excavating-Tacoma-WAA trenchless excavating technology is being widely used in the plumbing business and is one of the latest technologies to benefit the property owner.

The trenchless excavating process has several advantages that are aimed at saving you as much headache and expenses as possible following water leak detection and leak repair.

The property owner gets to save a lot of money from the maintenance of the landscape and the preservation of the plants and buildings through trenchless excavating.

  • We have invested in the trenchless excavating process
  • Trenchless excavating saves you both time and money
  • Trenchless excavating saves your landscape
  • Property owners’ other investments in the land are saved through trenchless excavating
  • Trenchless excavating may be your best option for leak repair